The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 1-16-24 (2024)



Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 1-16-24

Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome, everybody to the big call tonight. It is Tuesday, January 16th and you’re listening to the big call. welcome everybody around the globe and you’re getting our call through our satellite team, which is wonderful and great and thank you for listening and tuning in everybody.

I hope everybody had a wonderful day yesterday in the States, it’s a holiday we had, Martin Luther King Day and that was a nice holiday here, I think it was a Federal holiday here in this country.

Let’s see where we stand. And I was hoping I get a call during this call with some last minute intel that I was hoping would come in, and I don’t have that call yet. And I don’t really want to hesitate so I’ll just give you what, what we have so far today.

Okay, here we are on the 16th. We were looking for this to happen anywhere from now, through probably Friday. We have heard one source of very high respected source, talking about notifications tomorrow, or Thursday, but probably tomorrow, Wednesday. And then the possibility that in for appointments as early as tomorrow evening, let’s call it and but for sure, by Thursday.

Now, that’s a very popular timing to say Wednesday. and Thursday.

And I’m telling you guys, I can’t we just cannot absolutely prove it. So many of these sources that we have have gone dark. They’ve gone gag order, new NDAs but we have heard a little bit come through this pointing towards this week – and more toward Wednesday, Thursday.




OneSource came through and said before Friday, exchanging before Friday, well, that leaves tomorrow, and Thursday. Now if that’s true, and I think there’s a possibility – We should get done this week.

I want to clarify something that was put out a little while ago came to my attention because it’s been a couple of times it’s coming out but somebody put out something online, and talked about having nine or 11 stations at the redemption center that we would go through. Well, that is absolutely false.

We don’t have any stations to go through the redemption center. It’s not happening. What did happen with bondholders in Reno, in Geneva in Miami was they did have stations to go through for their bonds.

That’s not us. that was tier three, but don’t conflate that with what we’re going to experience at the redemption centers.

We expect to be sitting down in an office with about three to four people opposite us at the desk. That would be a US Marshal, US Treasury Marshal is to make sure nothing goes haywire. You’re gonna have one person on a delarue machine – – that would be counting and verifying currency.

So one person is going to be doing zim if you have zim. and two or two other one or two other people would be handling your other currencies if you have them.

So they’ve got that setup and you might have even two or three delarue machines two per office is what the last setup was. They feed that information from the delarue into a laptop computer, and then they work the laptop into a – Here’s the word again – quantum computer.

So that’s how they’ve got that designed. And so we’re not going to move they’re going to move to us. We’ll have some people that will come in and some people – a different person might come in, but overall we’re looking at that kind of arrangement, because remember, they would like us to be in and out of our appointment in 30 minutes.

And if you have bonds other than zim, we’re talking about sheet bonds, a box of bonds. You know, these could be anywhere from German bonds, railroad bonds, gold dragon bonds, Red Dragon bonds, etc. If you have any of those bonds in sheet form, you have the provenance for them – You take those in with you to the redemption center.

And they’ll have somebody that can go through that bond work with you and the provenance and everything that you have to have to justify that you are the rightful owner of those bonds and you will get that done. But even if you have bonds They don’t want you to take more than 40 minutes. If you’ve got currency and bonds

That’s a lot to get done in 40 minutes. Believe me, I know they’re going to be quick. Their practice. They’re really going to be super fast at setting up our accounts. They theoretically know who we all unless you’ve been gifted zim – they know who the zim owners are – they know how many are in a given area. I can tell you how many zim holders there are in some areas of the country, Because I’ve heard it from my sources.

But the point is, they really want the zim in and you know people have seen so in other words, let me finish up that thing before we get to that.

You know, we’ve been told that you’ll have stations, you’re not going to have stations at the redemption center – that was for bondholders that was tier three and not for us Okay, got that clear?

Now. The other thing I wanted to mention about let me just think for a second …………….

What they’re going to be doing at the redemption center for us. Remember besides the KYC know your customer, they pretty much know who we are already, unless you’ve been gifted – a lot of people have – a lot of people are gifted a few notes or a couple of one notes or whatever. And they may be just taking that in.

They may not know who you are, when it comes to IDs if you have a passport and a driver’s license, government IDs, school ID something – something you know, like that. They only really need one but if they have two bring them – and then of course you need to bring proof of where you live with some form of a utility bill, phone bill, gas bill, electric bill, something like that with your address on it and then beyond that you just bring your currency.

Hopefully you have it semi organized. At least you have your dong with your dong and you don’t have your dinar mixed in and all it’s all separated, hopefully by denomination. That’s not a church affiliation thing. that denomination is whether it’s a for example for dinar – Do you have you know 10,000 dinar notes you have 25,000 dinar notes, you have 5000 dinar notes. do you have 1000 dinar notes ? Yes. they did print 1000 dinar dotes




So all of those notes need to be organized together. And I’ve done it organized for everything so that you’ve got it in an envelope. It says how many million, 3 million, whatever it is per envelope, and you just have it so you don’t want what you have. And they should see what you have and count it and then come up with a rate.

Now – I Will say this the – the word we got – was it today? Today or yesterday? Today was our first bank day since Martin Luther King Day yesterday when our banks were closed. Right. So today we heard that there was an in country rate on the dinar little over $3 – That’s in country – for Iraq.

But our rate is going to be – remember what see no Dr. shabibbi maybe said back in December of 2012 at the International Chamber of Commerce meeting, when Bluestar asked him what he thought the rate on the dinar would be to the dollar and Dr Shabibbi said that it would be over sixteen – Well, we’re well over that, and we should be in good shape In terms of what they offer us.

Remember – oh here’s where I was gonna go before – the Some people have brought my attention about the possibility of Chase and other banks they say are facing bankruptcy starting the 23rd of January. Well, here’s the thing.

We are the rescuers of the banks, because when we go in and exchange our currencies and redeem our Zim, the bank will pick up 025 – 025% that goes to the bank — the individual that helps you do your currencies person, one person for each one of us that exchanges they pick up point.025% – oh point two 5%.

So, the bank will get hydrated. The person that helps us will make money and it’ll turn into real money quick especially with the zim – And we will benefit from getting a good and higher rate at the redemption centers. Not at the banks – at the redemption centers – and they’re well over 10,000 inside the United States. So, here’s the thing.

Why is it win win win for us and the banks – because as we exchange and they pick up a percentage of point 0 two 5% (.025) we get the highest rates. Do not be surprised, though, make sure you’re sitting down when you get offered a quote unquote contract rate on the dinar.

Because I know it’s going to be very amazing. And I’ve heard of these rates before and I’ve been keeping up with them. It’s gonna blow your mind. So hang in there that should be offered to you. And it’s a win for you. It’s a win for the bank. and it’s a win for the person exchanging you.

Okay, so that’s a really good deal.

The Dong is also going to be at a really good rate way higher than we thought in the old days, way higher and where they do not have a contract rate on the Dong – And never have – we understand, they will offer us a very substantial higher rate.




We’ve talked about the Zim being on par with the USN and previously with USD – and now with USN – And I think you guys understand what on par means. If you haven’t picked it up by you know you should.

That is going to be a tremendous, tremendous boost and believe me – these banks want the zim in there Yesterday – they want it in!! They want to take care of the Zim holders first, Zim holders have priority.

Zim holders have priority for the Med beds. Alright, enough about that.

So – what we’re looking for hopefully, is notifications tomorrow, and exchanges either tomorrow evening or Thursday.

And I know it sounds like that’s what I say all the time. Blah Blah Blah – I get it. I get it – I’m only giving you what I’m getting from the top sources .

And I know that I do get access to information that other people don’t get I know that and a lot of the stuff I’d love to tell you. it’s about things going on with military and with clean up and all of that. but I really can’t go there. I just can’t go there. That’s not a good thing. Just can’t do it

So let’s do this. Let us continue to stay in faith for this to go as I’ve put it out to you to night. Let’s go forward with it. And let’s believe for it to manifest tomorrow and or Thursday.

Let’s see where this goes. Because I’m ready for it. I think you guys are ready to aren’t you. I’m more than ready, I’m starting my 13th year of the big call. I didn’t expect it. I didn’t expect to go this far. But we are we are ready. And I think you’re all ready.

Let’s go ahead and pray the call out and we’ll go from there. Just remember this though, guys, one more thing before we do that.

If you’ve sent in your email to big call – and you want to get your 800 numbers when they come out. we will be sending those out right away as soon as we can.




We’ll also post on our homepage, the 800 number for us to call to set your appointments. Okay, with that, we’ll be on our homepage. When we no longer are doing these live calls. We’ll use we’ll record a podcast or record something that we’re doing with our projects. And we’ll want to send it out to you.

So let’s pray. the call out.

And I want to thank everybody first of all, thank you sue, for amazing basic teachings and amazing segments that you’ve done and Bob, you too as well. Thank you for manning the boards and putting them up and for your segments about health and nutrition and supplementation.

Well, and everybody out there call universe Thank you for listening.

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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 1-16-24 (2024)
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