New Monsters University Collection Available at Walt Disney World (2024)

A new Monsters University collection is now available at various locations around Walt Disney World.

Monsters University Collection

We found items from the new Monsters University collection at Emporium, Crystal Arts, and World of Disney. This new collection features a Loungefly mini-backpack, gym shorts, a throw blanket, a t-shirt, and a figurine.

Loungefly Mini Backpack – $88

The first item in the collection is a Monsters University Loungefly mini backpack. The navy blue pleather item is designed to look like a letterman jacket. The top of the backpack features a white, baby blue, and navy blue collar. The two sides of the collar merge above two buttons that look as if they hold the jacket closed. Next to the buttons is a white and blue “Disney Pixar Monsters University” patch.

The front pocket features three patches. The patches depict a blue and white Monster’s University logo, an orange Fear Tech Archie the Scare Pig, and a yellow Monsters University badge. The other side of the front pocket has a metal tag with the “Disney Parks” and “Loungefly” wordmarks. White diagonal lines representing jacket pockets sit on each side of the front pocket.

The back of the backpack features a white and Monsters University logo outlined in baby blue. “National Scaring Champions” appears in light blue above and below the logo. The backpack straps are the same color and material as the rest of the backpack. The adjustable nylon part of the straps is light blue, which is the same color as the grab handle.

The side slip pockets are white, navy, and baby blue. One side slip pocket features a red and yellow “Roar Omega Roar” pennant.

The other side pocket features a blue and white Monsters University shield and a red and white Monsters University “Scarers” pin. Both show the founding year of the University as 1313.

Both side pockets have fluffy baby blue material picking out the top of them.

Mike, Sully, and Boo Figure – $249

This figure features the three friends standing on a gray and yellow platform. Sully smiles and waves, as Boo, in her purple monster costume, peeks out from above his right shoulder. Mike wears a blue Monsters Inc. hard hat and leans against Sully’s arm while giving a thumbs up.

The figure also features two yellow scream canisters. One stands behind Mike, while the other lies on its side behind Sully.

This was the only item in the collection that was on display at Crystal Arts in Magic Kingdom.

Gym Shorts – $44.99

These blue mesh gym shorts feature a white and red border around the front and back of them. There are three patches in the bottom left corner of the shorts. They depict a white and baby blue “Roar Omega Roar” pennant, a blue and white Monsters University “Scarers” pin, and a red Monsters University logo. The eye in the logo is white.

The shorts also have two pockets and a drawstring. There is no design on the back of them.

National Scaring Champions T-shirt – $34.99

This T-shirt is mostly white with a navy blue section at the top. This navy blue section extends over the shoulders and to the top of the back of the shirt.

A baby blue Monsters University logo outlined in navy is centered beneath the navy portion of the shirt. Beneath the logo, “University” appears in red. “National Scaring” appears in red on the navy section of the shirt. “Champions” appears in red beneath the Monsters University logo, completing the “National Scaring Champions” phrase.

Throw Blanket – $44.99

This multi-colored throw blanket comes folded in a square with a navy blue bow. While some of the design can be seen when the item is folded, a tag depicts a smaller version of the item so the entire pattern can be seen.

The baby blue blanket features pennants from all of the major fraternities at Monsters University. This includes HSS, ROAR, OK, and JOX. There are also various Monsters University logos dispersed throughout. Archie the Scare Pig makes a few appearances as well.

More Monsters University items can be found at Disney Parks, such as the stainless steel tumbler that is currently on sale at Disneyland Resort as a part of Pixar Fest and the Mike Wazowski cupcake on sale at Backlot Express in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

What do you think of the new Monsters University collection at Walt Disney World? Let us know in the comments.

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New Monsters University Collection Available at Walt Disney World (2024)
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