Merge Dragons Challenge 11 - Complete Guide - West Games (2024)

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Merge Dragons Challenge 11 - Complete Guide - West Games (1)

Merge Dragons

Merge Dragons is an incredibly popular game that is also free to play for both Android and iOS. Players can also enjoy the game if they have access to BlueStacks. Merge Dragons can prove to be both an entertaining and challenging experience at the same time.

Merge Dragons Challenge 11 - Complete Guide - West Games (2)

Taking the actual gameplay of Merge Dragons into account, the game can be regarded as a puzzle game. Although the whole game consists of the player merging unique things into something much better and amazing. In the game, players will need to merge eggs to get dragons. Dragons are the main aspect of the game that helps players harvest life flowers.

These life flowers drop life essences, which are then used to get life orbs. Although there are plenty of life orbs in the game, each has the same property which is to revive the dead land. Once a player successfully revives dead land, he is able to clear the given objective.

To make things more interesting, different entities such as zomblins, are added in the game to ensure the game keeps providing the player with challenges and unique experience.

Merge Dragons Challenges

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Although challenges were added to the game quite recently, they soon became one of the best things Merge Dragons has to offer. Each challenge is completely different from the other. As the player progresses, each challenge will get harder.

In challenges, players have to complete a given objective in a limited time. Also, each challenge features 3 wins, with the 1st being the easiest one to achieve, and the 3rd being the hardest of them all. Although the objective is the same in all these levels, you will notice that the 2nd and 3rd levels offer less time for completion. To overcome this, the player has to use different strategies.

Merge Dragons- How to Clear Challenge 11

Players have a difficult time clearing this particular level. As the level comes after the player is halfway through the challenges, it gives a good amount of challenge. As a result, players had no idea what to do find this challenge extremely.

Thankfully, there’s no need to worry as this guide will tell you exactly how you should clear challenge 11 in Merge Dragons. This guide will give you a complete step by step guide, mentioning each step to help you finally get that win. We’ll only cover the 2nd and 3rd win for challenge 11, but you can use the 2nd win to get the first two wins.

For First and Second Win:

The second win in challenge 11 grants you a tribal dragon kid (with dragon power 4). With a time limit of 4 mins 20 secs, the main objective here is to merge the Gaia statues. For the complete guide, follow these steps below:

  • Start the level by merging the three dragon portals. This will spawn a dragon from camp for you.

Merge Dragons Challenge 11 - Complete Guide - West Games (4)

  • Now from the bone piles, you can get plenty of bones. Merge all of these bones to get life sprouts. Progress by merging these sprouts to get life flowers.
  • Now start harvesting on the life flowers by using the only dragon you have. You will see 3 clouds floating around the area. Place these clouds on a free space to make it rain. You will get 3 puddles now.

Merge Dragons Challenge 11 - Complete Guide - West Games (5)

  • Merge the 3 puddles together to get a level 2 puddle. Continue on harvesting life flowers. Also, try to find more clouds to make more puddles. Once you get enough puddles to merge, merge the two lakes together. Also, merge any bone you find to get life sprouts.

Merge Dragons Challenge 11 - Complete Guide - West Games (6)

  • Right after you’ve revived the first patch of land, you will get access to an egg basket. Get the eggs out of the basket and merge them together to get more dragons.
  • Merge the tree together with the 2 dead trees to revive the bonus area. Tap on the arrows to further revive the land.

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  • Continue harvesting, and keep an eye on the clouds. Keep using the clouds to get more puddles while you harvest the life flowers to revive the land.
  • You can merge the puddles together with dead puddles on the second patch of dead land to revive the bonus area.

Merge Dragons Challenge 11 - Complete Guide - West Games (8)

  • You will now have access to another egg basket. Spread and merge the eggs together to get more dragons. Now, all you need to do is repeat the same exact steps again.
  • As you will have more dragons now, this should boost up the process. Keep repeating the process, whenever you get the chance to merge anything, do it.
  • You should be able to reach the Gaia state with some time left. Simply merge the statues to clear the level.

For Third Win

The third win grants you a tribal dragon with 18 dragon power. With the same objective, you have 3 minutes and 26 seconds to clear the challenge.

  • Start similarly with merging the portals together to get a dragon spawned from camp. A better dragon should spawn here as the time is short.
  • Merge the bones together to get life sprouts. Merging them will give life flowers.
  • Harvest on these life flowers and use the clouds to make puddles.
  • Merge the puddles together, and try to merge them with a puddle placed on a dead land to get the revive bonus area. Also, tap on the arrows to revive more areas.

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  • Follow the same procedure as before, but this time you need to be a lot quicker. Merge the trees similarly to unlock access to the second patch of the dead land.
  • The puddles are the main key here but don’t forget to harvest in the meantime. Whenever you spot a cloud, use it to make puddles and then merge them to revive some area.
  • Keep on repeating these steps, until you get access to the Gaia statue.
  • If you were quick enough, you should be able to merge them together and clear the challenge level 11 in Merge Dragons.
Merge Dragons Challenge 11 - Complete Guide - West Games (2024)
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