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Merge Dragon Challenge 18 - Complete Guide - West Games (1)

Explaining Merge Dragons Level 18

Merge Dragons is one of those games that has attracted the majority of game lovers. The game got sight of many of us during the lockdown period as it provided a healthy activity to spend your time. The most captivating thing about this game is, this game takes us to the dragon world where we all wished to be in our childhood.

Merge Dragons is a kind of game that is good to play for people of all ages. No matter what your age is, this game will captivate you in its beautiful prison. Merge dragons take their player to a fictional world where he/she can merge eggs to hatch dragons and can also merge different other objects to achieve unique and precious rewards.

Merge Dragons is one of those rare games that you can avail easily on your play store and Apple store as well. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start playing the game.

Levels and Challenges of Merge Dragons

Merge Dragons got the attraction of the audience because it comes up with numerous levels, and within those levels, there come various challenges. Those challenges are so unique and captivating that one can play this game for hours without having even a moment of boredom.

This game challenges your skills by testing yours with unique things that you need to merge in a specific time. So, you need to be smart, sharp, and creative at the same time if you want to succeed in this game.

Challenge 18 in Merge Dragons

Merge Dragon Challenge 18 - Complete Guide - West Games (2)

If you are reviewing this article then congratulations to you; you are here, after passing 17 stages of Merge Dragons. Like all the other levels, level 18 of Merge Dragon will also test your skills. You have to be quick and sharp to win this level as with every passing second the level of difficulty will increase.

For you to get through this level quickly, we have brought a perfect guide that will help you to pass the level with ease and enjoyment. So, if you want to succeed at this level, then have patience and stick to the guidelines of this article.

First and Second Win of Level 18

You have got eleven minutes and fifty-two seconds to crack the first challenge of level 18.

  1. You left on a floating land with almost nothing save some spotted dragon eggs. So, first of all, you need to merge those eggs in five. You have now two available dragons. After it, wait for some floating leave that will come towards your land, now Collect those leaves and merge them to make a plant.
  2. Secondly, look at the small land floating to the south of the mainland. You’ll find some eggs there. Merge all of them to make some dragons. Now merge those plants with the plants available in the dead land to revive the land.
  3. Now merge all the dragon trees saplings to form a level three young dragon tree. Now merge that young dragon tree to get a Vermillion dragon tree. Now merge the Vermillion dragon tree in five to revive the super dead land and to get a nice dragon tree.
  4. After it, merge the nice dragon tree to get an aged dragon tree for getting life orbs. Now merge the Elder wood to heal the land and keep on collecting and merging dragon leaves. Now, keep on making more and more dragon trees to heal the land quickly.
  5. Now merge five young dragon trees towards the east of the land and hit the extender arrows. Along with it, merge more vermillion trees and Elder wood bundles. Now merge some mushrooms and hit extender arrows to revive the dead land.
  6. Make you dragons to harvest the life flowers to get some life orbs. Now heal the dead land through life orbs. Lastly, merge all three statues to complete the level.

For the second win, you’ve got eight minutes and eight seconds.

The Final Win

For the last win of level 18, you have got five minutes and nineteen seconds.

  1. Begin with hatching the spotted dragon eggs and collect all the speckled dragon eggs from the small floating land. Now, wait for the dragon leaves. After merging the dragon leaves, move on to merge the sapling to get the young dragon tree.
  2. Secondly, quickly merge the young dragon tree and keep on merging dragon tree leaves. Now merge the Vermillion dragon trees to heal the land. After it, merge some Elder wood to get closer to the statues. Along with it merge some stones to collect points.
  3. Start harvesting those Vermillion dragon trees through dragons and keep on merging other possible things. Now merge some sprouting dragon trees and after it, merge Vermillion dragon trees to get some aged dragon trees.
  4. Moreover, hit the life extender arrows and merge some bundles of Elder wood. Get the combo bubble launch to heal the land quickly. After it, merge some young dragon trees and hit the life extender arrows to get the mushrooms.
  5. Now merge the mushrooms to get the purple life orbs. Now harvest those purple life orbs to heal the super dead land. If you don’t have enough time, then drag your dragons to the purple life orbs to harvest two life orbs at once.
  6. Now use the life orbs to revive the land and merge the statues to complete the challenge as quickly as possible.

Merge Dragon Challenge 18 - Complete Guide - West Games (3)


If you have been through the article, then it is quite sure that you have cracked the level eighteen of Merge Dragons. We have mentioned all possible tricks and ways to get through all the three challenges of this level with ease. This article has covered almost everything that you needed to crack this level. Still, if you have any difficulty while solving this level, then leave a comment below and feel free to contact us. We will use the best possible way to resolve your concerns.

Merge Dragon Challenge 18 - Complete Guide - West Games (2024)
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