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Legend of Mushroom Announces Server Merges

The Legend of Mushroom server merges has been a long await announcement. It is hoped that the server merges will revitalize older servers and make the game more enjoyable – although it has left a lot of players with questions, and we hope to answer your questions in this guide!

What is a Legend of Mushroom server merge?

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In the dynamic world of online gaming, server merges are a common practice employed by game developers to enhance the overall gaming experience. A server merge involves combining two or more game servers into a single server.

This process is typically undertaken to balance player populations, improve game performance, and ensure a vibrant and active community. By merging servers, developers aim to create a more engaging and competitive environment, reduce wait times for in-game activities, and foster better social interactions among players. Server merges are essential for maintaining the longevity and quality of the game, ensuring that players continue to enjoy a seamless and immersive gaming experience.

Due to the nature of Legend of Mushroom servers, and the eventually that servers will see fewer players, they are planning on merging servers in order to maintain activity and fun within the servers.

What are the rules for the server merge?

In the Legend of Mushroom Server Merge, the developers state they determine the list of merging servers by generating a factor for each server. This factor is based on several criteria: server launch date, Power, active members, and language environment, with Power and active members being the most significant factors. By merging servers based on these factors, we ensure a competitive environment and maintain gameplay balance in cross-server modes, providing the best gaming experience for all players. Additionally, we prioritize merging servers with similar language environments to facilitate social interaction and in-game cooperation among players.

Why is my server not being merged?

Legend of Mushroom has launched numerous servers to meet varying and evolving demands, resulting in differences in activity levels, Power, and launch dates among servers. Regular and strategically planned server merges are crucial for long-term improvements and balance.

For the initial server merge, the developer team will focus on merging earlier servers with lower assessment factors. However, servers not included in this list are not neglected. There are two main reasons for a server not being merged:

  1. Servers with higher activity levels and Power do not require merging at this time. These servers will be monitored and improved continuously.
  2. Servers launched too recently to be included in the first merge will be merged in subsequent batches based on their launch dates, typically on a weekly basis.

Legend of Mushroom Server Merge Plan

The first Legend of Mushroom server merge occurred on the 07/22/2024, targeting servers launched between the 11th and 24th of March. Subsequent merges will occur approximately every two weeks, though actual times may vary. Developers (and Theria) will announce server merge plans in advance to keep players informed. Below is a list of server merges (past and planned), defined by region

SEA – Early August 2024

An announcement was made that servers for SEA will be merged in “early August”. This guide will be updated as we gain further information.

Europe & Americas – 22nd of July 2024

Europe & Americas – 22nd of July 2024

After a Server Merge in Legend of Mushroom

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After a server merge, one server will be the “dominant” server (i.e. the server that remains it original number). If you are on the dominant server, your profile will not go under any changes. However if you are on the server that is merged into another, your profile will change to reveal your original server (the server your account was created on), and your current server (server you have been merged into).

Conclusion on Legend of Mushroom Server Merges

The announcement of server merges in Legend of Mushroom is a highly anticipated development, eagerly awaited by the community for months. These merges are expected to rejuvenate older servers, creating a more enjoyable and dynamic gaming experience for all players.

The upcoming server merge on 07/22/2024 marks the beginning of this exciting process, with subsequent merges planned approximately every two weeks. The detailed merge plan and list of servers to be merged provide clear communication and transparency to the player community.

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Legend Of Mushroom Server Merges Explained - Theria (2024)
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