How to Beat Challenge 18 in Merge Dragons - NeuralGamer (2024)

Hello! Neural Gamer here with another Merge Dragons Challenge Walkthrough. Some challenges are easy, and some of them are more difficult. As you can see, today’s challenge is a doozy. Today we will tell you how to beat Challenge 18 in Merge Dragons. So, get ready because today’s walkthrough is a long one!

Challenge 18 is also called Level 124, and it costs 7 Chalices. The goal is to create a Gaia Statue, and the Goal Stars are to capture 25 Floating Leaves, 32 Dragon Trees, and two Elder Dragon Trees. The potential rewards are Dragon Tree Seeds, a Toadstool Dragon Egg, and a Hill.

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Challenge 18 Walkthrough

How to Beat Challenge 18 in Merge Dragons - NeuralGamer (1)

Getting Started

First, you must merge five spotted dragon eggs, including one on the Super Dead land located at the top-left section of the big clearing. Then you want to merge the nest of dragon eggs from the little island on the right to the clearing.

Tap on the nest to empty it and then merge three or five eggs, including one on Super Dead Land, based on what you get from the nest. Catch three floating leaves, then merge them with the two leaves to the large clearing’s right.

You’ve just created a sapling, so merge with it two others at the small clearing’s top. Then merge that Sprouting tree with the two at the large clearing’s right. This is to the right of the place you merged the leaves. Merge a Dragon Tree Sapling you just created with two others at the top of the small clearing.

Now, catch two floating leaves, then merge those two with the three at the small clearing’s top. One is more difficult to see because it’s behind a Nice Dragon Tree. You want to merge them in the shape of a U. You now have two Sprouting trees. You’ll see another sitting between two bigger trees at the large clearing’s top.

Merge the three of them and make a Young Dragon Tree. Looking to your left, you’ll spot another Young Dragon Tree next to Hero Mushrooms and a Heal Extender. So, take the Young Dragon Tree you just made and the one made earlier and merge the three. Then, activate that Heal Extender.

You now have a Vermillion Dragon Tree. Look to your clearing’s top, and you’ll see four more. Merge them all. Then get your dragons to harvest from those Nice Dragon Trees. Catch three leaves and merge them with the two just above where the Vermillion trees were merged.

Elderwood & Leaves

Merge the Elderwood you’ve had your dragons harvest with two. You’ll find these at the cleared area’s far right. Merge those two saplings that were created with one on the far right. Merge your two Nice Dragon Trees with two others. You’ll find them in that same area.

Catch a leaf and then merge that one with those others above where you merged your Nice Dragon Trees and the Elderwood. Move one Elderwood into the higher of those two spaces you just cleared. This will merge with the other Elderwood and the Stacks of Elderwood.

Catch two leaves and then merge them with the one you’ll find at the far right at the top. Merge two of the Elderwood with the one you’ll find above where you merged the leaves. You’ll find two Hero Mushrooms on the far left. Merge them with the one you will find in your cleared space.

Activate that Heal Extender, and then have your dragons harvest from those Brilliant Life Flowers. Go back to that Sprouting Life Tree you created. There are two more on the left. They’re above the area where you merged the Vermillion Trees. Put this Young Dragon Tree that it created in a safe place. You want to wait to merge it.

Finishing the Level Up

Catch three floating leaves and merge them with two leaves above where you created the Young Dragon Tree. Move your Young Dragon Tree to where there is just one more Young Dragon Tree. You freed a Young Dragon Tree when you activated the Heal Extender. Merge that Young Dragon Tree to the previous one’s right. This will merge six.

There are two Elderwood above and to the right of where you just merged your Young Dragon Trees. Merge a third Elderwood with these. Merge two Vermilion Dragon trees that you created with the one that is beside the newly cleared space. Merge the Nice Dragon Tree you just created and the two others.

Move one Elderwood into that newly cleared space. This will create a combo with the other Elderwood and the Stacks of Elderwood. Deploy some Small Life Orbs beside the statues to heal the land. Then merge the three statues. Now you have finished the level. Whew! What a challenge!

As you can see, there is a lot to take in with Challenge 18. If you don’t succeed the first time you do it, don’t get discouraged. It can take time to get it all done correctly. Thank you so much for reading our blog, and we hope you come back regularly, as we always have new tips and walkthroughs posted.

How to Beat Challenge 18 in Merge Dragons - NeuralGamer (2024)
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