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Starting an online business might seem overwhelming. You need to find products, add them to your store, and set up payment methods. But for now, let's set those worries aside and seek inspiration!

We've compiled a list of top-performing Shopify stores excelling in design, branding, and customer experience. Each store offers abundant inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs aiming to launch a successful online venture, featuring 21+ stunning Shopify pages examples to get inspired.

Importance of a Well-Designed Shopify Page

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Don't underestimate the impact of a beautiful storefront! In today's competitive ecommerce landscape, a striking Shopify page can make all the difference. Easy navigation, clear product displays, and captivating visuals enhance user experience, making browsing enjoyable and encouraging purchases.

According to Linearity, well-designed websites see a 200% higher conversion rate than poorly designed ones, boosting sales and reinforcing brand credibility. That’s why investing in a stunning design goes beyond looks. A well-crafted Shopify store is also optimized for search engines, improving discoverability among potential customers.

Moreover, a professional design helps customers trust that your business is legitimate and your products are high-quality. By creating an engaging and informative shopping environment, you're setting the stage for your online store's success.

Key Elements of an Effective Shopify Page

A successful eCommerce website needs a seamless experience with consistent, on-brand design across all pages. Here’s how to achieve it:

  • Mobile-responsive design: As mobile commerce sales are expected to nearly double to $855 billion by 2027, it’s crucial to use Shopify’s mobile-friendly themes. This ensures your store looks great and works well on all devices.
  • Intuitive design: Focus on user experience with easy navigation, clear headings, plenty of space, and a logical layout. Rahul Vij from WebSpero Solutions advises optimizing for conversions by highlighting value near ‘add-to-cart’ buttons and improving mobile search bars.
  • Trust signals: According to Shakeel Ahmed of Top SEO Expertz, building trust is key. Use high-quality product images, detailed descriptions, and verified customer reviews to reassure shoppers. Research shows that 66% of customers trust content verified by independent parties.

Implementing these strategies makes your Shopify store user-friendly, conversion-focused, and trustworthy, setting you up for eCommerce success.

21+ Real-world Shopify Pages to Learn from

Now that we will explore some of the essentials of excellent real Shopify pages. Each option provides inspiring ideas on how to highlight your brand and engage your audience effectively. Let's explore some standout examples.

Home Pages

1. PopSockets

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(Image Source:

The PopSockets website, made using Shopify Plus, looks really nice with lots of attractive visuals. It does a great job mixing bold pictures and trendy designs in a way that's easy to use. The site works well on any device and shows the newest deals right away.

As you scroll down, there are fun things to click on, like moving pictures and a "help" button if you need it. You can also sign up for emails at the bottom and get 15% off your next purchase, which is a great deal!

2. Areaware

EComposer - Shopify Landing Page Builder (3)

(Image Source:

Areaware calls its products "friendly objects for design-loving folks." They sell things like candle holders, planters, and toys, all with cool designs.

Their logo and homepage are very simple. This makes their colorful products stand out a lot. Areaware’s homepage has lots of colorful pictures of their decor. This shows how artistic their products are better than regular photos would.

They use a slideshow to show off their products on the homepage. This keeps things interesting and shows all the different stuff they sell.

3. The New York Times Store

EComposer - Shopify Landing Page Builder (4)

(Image Source:

The New York Times Store sells products that reflect the newspaper’s style, like historical prints and unique gifts. Their website matches the newspaper’s classic look with a simple, classy design, featuring clear pictures and easy-to-read text.

The site is easy to use, with sections like “For Times Fans” and “For History Buffs” to help you find what you want. The simple layout and organized menu make it easy to shop, reducing hassle and increasing customer satisfaction.

They also show discount codes and encouraging newsletter sign-ups helps turn visitors into buyers and keeps them coming back.

Product Pages

4. Hismile

EComposer - Shopify Landing Page Builder (5)

(Image Source:

Hismile is a dental company known for its popular at-home teeth whitening products. They made a product that's as effective as big-name brands but gentler on teeth.

From a user experience and conversion rate optimization perspective, their product page is a great example to look at.

  • They're having a sale right now, with discounts prominently displayed on the featured image.
  • There are several pictures and gifs showing a customer's white teeth and the product in use.
  • They also explain their ingredients and how to get the best results.

There's a neat section with other recommended products that highlight specials and discounts, which is a smart way to boost average order value. Plus, the "Add to cart" section stays on the screen as you scroll down the page, which is a nice touch.

EComposer - Shopify Landing Page Builder (6)

5. Off Limits

EComposer - Shopify Landing Page Builder (7)

(Image Source:

Off Limits is a cereal brand that aims to make breakfast both fun and healthy. They offer flavors like Strawberry, Cinnamon, Coffee, and Pandan, all made with wholesome ingredients to enjoy guilt-free. Here's how they present their top-selling Cinnamon flavor:

They've created a character named Flex for this flavor, featuring him in videos and cartoons on the product page.

EComposer - Shopify Landing Page Builder (8)

The page is split into two parts: On the left, you can scroll through details about the product as usual. Meanwhile, on the right, there's a consistent button you can click at any time.

When you click on "Nutrition Facts" or "Ingredients" above the add-to-cart button, pop-ups appear with that information. This section also includes an upsell recommendation that's easy for consumers to add on.

EComposer - Shopify Landing Page Builder (9)

The PopSockets website, made using Shopify Plus, looks really nice with lots of attractive visuals. It does a great job mixing bold pictures and trendy designs in a way that's easy to use. The site works well on any device and shows the newest deals right away.

As you scroll down, there are fun things to click on, like moving pictures and a "help" button if you need it. You can also sign up for emails at the bottom and get 15% off your next purchase, which is a great deal!

This part about the TikTok videos is a smart social proof strategy. It shows readers that there’s a lively community and customer base sharing their love for the cereal products.

EComposer - Shopify Landing Page Builder (10)

6. Wild

Wild is a company that makes eco-friendly underarm deodorant, aiming to reduce single-use plastic and use natural ingredients. Their product costs £15 for a case with one refill, with options to add engraving or subscribe for savings—a smart upsell tactic.

The product image is shown against a floral background that matches its scent.

EComposer - Shopify Landing Page Builder (11)

(Image Source:

As you scroll down, there are fun things to click on, like moving pictures and a "help" button if you need it. You can also sign up for emails at the bottom and get 15% off your next purchase, which is a great deal!

There’s a clear section listing the product's benefits in brief.

EComposer - Shopify Landing Page Builder (12)

They've received over 13,000 reviews on Trustpilot. Need more reassurance as a customer?

EComposer - Shopify Landing Page Builder (13)

About Us Pages

7. Better Battery Co.

EComposer - Shopify Landing Page Builder (14)

(Image Source:

Better Battery Co. has created an innovative product: the first certified carbon-neutral batteries. They're designed to be easily recycled, reducing waste and promoting sustainability in their industry, which is typically harmful to the environment.

It's impressive what they've achieved—it actually makes buying batteries exciting to us.

Here’s more about them and what they showcase on their page:

  • A dynamic GIF header displaying the batteries, with engaging text that piques curiosity and explains their mission.
  • Benefits of their product highlighted with interactive icons and graphics, linking to more details.

EComposer - Shopify Landing Page Builder (15)

  • A final pitch for their product at the bottom of the page.

EComposer - Shopify Landing Page Builder (16)

8. Dr. Jart

EComposer - Shopify Landing Page Builder (17)

(Image Source:

Dr. Jart is a skincare company with global recognition, originating in Korea. Known for blending innovation and fun, they've made a mark in various countries, including the skincare hub. Their Cicapair line is particularly popular among acne-prone users, but their About page also showcases other notable products.

Their About page includes:

EComposer - Shopify Landing Page Builder (18)EComposer - Shopify Landing Page Builder (19)

  • A GIF that explains their name, "Dr. Join Art," symbolizing their blend of scientific formulas and artistic packaging.
  • Displays of their product lines against colorful backgrounds.
  • A glimpse into their immersive retail experience in South Korea and their goals with it.

9. Then I Met You

Then I Met You is a skincare brand inspired by Korean principles, emphasizing intentional routines. They offer just one product for each skincare step, unlike others with multiple product lines. Their products are affordable and embody their core principles.

Their standout About page includes:

  • An introduction to their company philosophy rooted in Korean concepts, clarifying their values and purpose for customers interested in beauty and skincare.

EComposer - Shopify Landing Page Builder (20)

(Image Source:

  • Three key values highlighted, each linked to related pages for further exploration.

EComposer - Shopify Landing Page Builder (21)

  • Korean-style artwork depicting diverse skin tones, emphasizing inclusivity across all skin types.

EComposer - Shopify Landing Page Builder (22)

Landing Pages

10. Olipop

EComposer - Shopify Landing Page Builder (23)

(Image Source:

Olipop sells sodas that are healthier, made with plant-based ingredients and prebiotics to support a healthy gut. They use clear, persuasive language to address common concerns like sugar content, positioning their drinks as a satisfying alternative for soda lovers trying to cut back.

To create a landing page like theirs, consider using:

  • Clear, bold text
  • Detailed product info that appears as you scroll
  • Star ratings with real review numbers for credibility
  • A small header that doesn't overshadow the page
  • An easy-to-navigate layout
  • High-quality product photos

11. Beardbrand

EComposer - Shopify Landing Page Builder (24)

(Image Source:

Beardbrand's Shopify landing page makes a strong first impression, focusing on conversions. It features a full-image layout on the page that showcases the brand and products.

The site uses eye-catching call-to-action buttons with contrasting colors. Customers can easily access all important categories and enjoy shopping right from the landing.

Information is well-organized in a grid layout. Users can read customer reviews, real-life stories, subscribe to the newsletter, or join the forum—all with just one click.

  • Shop Mr. Beast
  • EComposer - Shopify Landing Page Builder (25)

    (Image Source:

    The best landing pages focus on their target audience. Mr. Beast shows he knows his audience, mainly young males, by designing his Shopify merchandise store like a game with a free-to-play feature. This fun, interactive approach grabs their attention and makes shopping more enjoyable and suited to their interests.

    Blog Pages

    13. Brightland

    EComposer - Shopify Landing Page Builder (26)

    (Image Source:

    Brightland is a food company selling olive oils, vinegars, and honey, as well as sets, capsules, and other kitchen products. The founder and her husband started the company to create authentic cooking solutions and promote health and well-being.

    Their website is excellent in terms of user experience, design, and content.

    They offer a fantastic resource page with inspiring recipes related to their products:

    • A large, interactive recipes section at the top of the blog page, with filters for easy searching.
    • A featured recipe with a link to the Brightland product needed for it.
    • Educational blogs about their products.

    EComposer - Shopify Landing Page Builder (27)

    14. Waterdrop

    Waterdrop is a company promoting sustainable hydration with a micro drink: a small cube of compressed fruit extracts. Just drop one in your water bottle, let it dissolve, and you have a healthy drink.

    This innovative yet simple idea is great for active professionals and athletes.

    Their blog, called "The Magazine," has a straightforward layout with excellent articles and category filters.

    EComposer - Shopify Landing Page Builder (28)

    (Image Source:

    Interestingly, the featured images are not the same size, making the top stories look like a ladder. The page is mainly black and white, with color only from the images.

    EComposer - Shopify Landing Page Builder (29)15. Mr Porter

    EComposer - Shopify Landing Page Builder (30)

    (Image Source:

    Mr Porter, part of the Net-A-Porter group, features over 50 luxury brands for men. Their prices are high, but all items are guaranteed to be authentic and of high quality.

    Their blog is one of the best resources for men’s fashion:

    • Articles are divided into five categories: grooming, watches, fashion, travel, and lifestyle.
    • A highlights reel shows some of their best articles.
    • Each article notes the reading time and has a category in a stylish font.

    Collection Pages

    16. Blueland

    EComposer - Shopify Landing Page Builder (31)

    (Image Source:

    Did you know that 90% of the food and water you consume contain microplastics? Blueland was founded to address this issue by creating sustainable, plastic-free home solutions like hand soap and laundry detergents.

    You should definitely check them out—they have an impressive collections page.

    Here’s a look at their starter kits collection page:

    • Starter kits are at the top of the navigation menu, making them one of the first things customers see and likely gravitate towards.
    • Product and category filters are set on the left side, with the products displayed on the right.
    • The imagery is excellent, and the tags for scarcity and urgency, like “holiday exclusive,” “best seller,” and “save 20%,” are smart CRO tactics.
    • A separate section for refills appears as you scroll down, showing how many items are in the collection.

    EComposer - Shopify Landing Page Builder (32)

    • When you hover over a product card, a “quick add” button appears, making it easy for people on both desktop and mobile to add items to their cart.

    17. Forest Gum

    EComposer - Shopify Landing Page Builder (33)

    (Image Source:

    You might think Forest Gum is named after the movie, but it's actually because they make plant-based, plastic-free chewing gum—a clever name if you ask me. The company is based in Germany, and their website is entirely in German.

    Their overall UI is impressive, with a simple collections page layout.

    • A banner highlights their product's key selling points.

    EComposer - Shopify Landing Page Builder (34)

    • Product details appear when you hover over each item, making it feel like the product is being showcased.
    • The page uses bright, evenly distributed colors. Their branding is fantastic.

    18. Rooted

    EComposer - Shopify Landing Page Builder (35)

    (Image Source:

    Rooted is a company that sells actual plants, not just plant-based products. They have three stores in New York, aiming to bring nature to the concrete jungle.

    Here’s a look at their “plants” collection:

    • Filters cater to different visitor needs, like whether they have pets or want easy-to-care-for plants.

    EComposer - Shopify Landing Page Builder (36)

    • Clear pictures and detailed info about the plants, including their scientific names.

    EComposer - Shopify Landing Page Builder (37)

    • Stickers on the images highlight bestsellers and rare plants, making them more appealing. Some products also show different color options.
    • Great UX with a hover feature that allows consumers to easily add products to their cart.

    Other Pages

    19.’s Contact page

    EComposer - Shopify Landing Page Builder (38)

    (Image Source:’s Contact page is playful and welcoming. It features colorful vintage telephones that match the brand's fun image, and a friendly greeting that says, “HELLO, BAN.DO?” Below that, there’s a message inviting visitors to ask any questions, promising a friendly response.

    A chat bubble with “CHAT WITH US!” allows immediate contact with customer service.

    What makes this page great:

    • Friendly tone: The conversational and casual language makes visitors feel comfortable and more likely to reach out.
    • Visual appeal: The colorful vintage telephones catch visitors’ attention and make the brand memorable.
    • Clear CTA: The “CHAT WITH US!” feature and the prominent “Contact Us” section with input fields provide clear and direct calls to action for users to engage with customer service.

    20. Crate & Barrel's Cart Page

    EComposer - Shopify Landing Page Builder (39)

    (Image Source:

    Crate & Barrel's cart page makes it easy to find detailed shipping information. A message at the top tells customers to look for the "Ships free" tag, which is also next to eligible products on the right. Clicking on terms like "standard shipping," "arrival," and "ships free" opens pop-ups with more details.

    The right side shows costs upfront, including taxes based on the customer's zip code, ensuring transparency.

    The page also provides details on the return policy, international shipping, and pick-up options, all accessible through clickable pop-ups without leaving the page.

    21. Jimmy Fairly Coming Soon Page

    EComposer - Shopify Landing Page Builder (40)

    (Image Source:

    Eyewear brand Jimmy Fairly gets shoppers excited for its new collection with a bold "Coming Soon" header. The website's special section shows images of each new product, so customers can see what's coming and get excited about the launch.

    This is great for brands with seasonal products like sunglasses or swimwear. You can build excitement early with teasers about the summer collection to create buzz before the launch.

    Try this: Show shoppers previews of your upcoming collection to get them interested and excited.

    Top Premade Templates to Customize Shopify Pages

    EComposer - Shopify Landing Page Builder (41)

    When building your Shopify page templates, great design is essential.

    A well-designed template with high-converting elements will make your store stand out, from the moment users visit to the moment they click the buy button.

    EComposer offers more than 200 Shopify templates to help you create an outstanding ecommerce experience for your own store pages. Here are five essential templates that you can use:

    1. Homepage template

    EComposer - Shopify Landing Page Builder (42)

    Your homepage should clearly show what items you sell. It’s important to highlight your top products.

    All the Shopify Homepage templates from EComposer would let you display popular products in a clean layout which optimize high-conversion rate. Here are basic criteria a qualified homepage needs:

    • Hero Image/Banner: Showcase products or deals with a large, eye-catching image.
    • Featured Products: Highlight bestsellers, new arrivals, or special deals.
    • Customer Testimonials: Build trust with reviews or testimonials.

    There are many options for any niche and industry that you can choose from and customize right away.

    2. Landing page templates

    EComposer - Shopify Landing Page Builder (43)

    EComposer provides various Landing page templates for seasonal sales or even specially tailored for different products or niches. These templates are designed to make your work easier by including essential elements like:

    • Countdown timers
    • Exclusive deals
    • Pop-ups,...

    Use these top templates to create an important webpage that boosts sales during each of your campaigns.

    3. Product page template

    EComposer - Shopify Landing Page Builder (44)

    When designing a custom product template in Shopify, it should include essential elements that help increase sales.

    You have the option to begin with Shopify's standard template and enhance it using the EComposer drag and drop page builder app, or start fresh with a fully customizable template where every element can be adjusted.

    A custom EComposer Product page template includes all the essential Shopify components such as product description, images, price, and add-to-cart button, but allows flexibility to add and rearrange elements freely on the page.

    4. Collection page template

    EComposer - Shopify Landing Page Builder (45)

    EComposer's Collection page template is designed to make your products look organized and attractive. It helps you categorize items neatly, using appealing colors and eye-catching visuals.

    This setup reduces clutter and improves how customers browse your store. It also inspires you to showcase your products creatively, ensuring they grab attention and stand out on your online store.

    5. About us page template

    EComposer - Shopify Landing Page Builder (46)

    The Shopify About Us page template from EComposer is designed to showcase a brand’s story in a simple and neat style.

    An About Us page is really important because customers like to know who they’re buying from. Trust is a big deal when shopping online, and seeing the people behind the brand can make customers feel more comfortable.

    In addition to the most popular templates, EComposer also provides a huge library of templates for different purposes such as a Coming Soon/Password page, Contact Page, Blog Post, Blog Listing, FAQs, Lead Generation, Cart Page, Newsletter, and so on. With a lot of its basic and advanced features, we believe that the app would be a top choice when it comes to designing your Shopify pages.

    Best Way to Build Stunning Shopify Pages

    It’s actually quite simple to create an About us Page on Shopify since it has numerous apps that support designing and integrating with essential elements you need.

    A Shopify app,EComposer Page Builderlets customers create professional web storefronts without any coding skills. It has many templates and elements that you can "drag and drop" to build your store. For About Us pages, EComposer offers 17+ templates for popular industries like Fashion, Food, Technology, Furniture, Jewelry, Home Decoration, etc.

    Step 1: Install EComposer Page Builder for your Shopify store

    Add the app from the Shopify App Store:EComposer Landing Page Builder.

    EComposer - Shopify Landing Page Builder (47)

    Step 2: Choose About Us Page Template

    • Open the EComposer app then start building your page.

    EComposer - Shopify Landing Page Builder (48)

    • Preview templates and select one by clicking "Insert Now" and then "Insert."

    EComposer - Shopify Landing Page Builder (49)

    *Note: We take an About us page as an example, you can customize similarly to any page you need.

    Step 3: Set Up Page Information

    • Use the navigator slider on the left to quickly navigate sections, you can click any part to edit.

    EComposer - Shopify Landing Page Builder (50)

    • Then add components using the "Elements" function.

    EComposer - Shopify Landing Page Builder (51)

    • For additional extensions or integrations you need, please navigate to theExtension Libraryon your left side column, the icon is in the 6th position.

    EComposer - Shopify Landing Page Builder (52)

    Step 4: Save and Publish

    • Click "Publish" in the top right and choose "Save and Publish."
    • Click "View" to preview your About Us Page.

    With EComposer, creating a beautiful About us page has never been easier – it's design made simple, just for you.

    If you haven’t had a Shopify account yet,seize the opportunity to benefit from a special offer: only$1 for the first monthfor all plans to experience Shopify from A-Z.

    Try EComposer for FREE!

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    Final Words

    Wrapping up our look at these impressive Shopify pages examples, it's obvious that each one provides unique ideas and inspiration. From stylish designs to easy-to-use layouts, there's much to learn from these successful stores.

    Keep in mind, the important thing is to customize these inspirations to match your brand and audience. So, go ahead, add your own personal touch, and build a store that not only looks great but also connects with your customers and performs well. We hope that these examples have given you the confidence and inspiration to create a standout Shopify store for your business.


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